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Gorgl - Short stories

1. Synopsis
2. Treatment
3. Scriptment

Label: Microlab
Catalogue number: MLEP006

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GORGL - Short stories (zip file, 39 MB, mp3 - 320kbps)

Killa Dawgs - 0528

0528 (Original Version)

Label: Microlab
Catalogue number: MLEP005

Mobhead - Hologram EP

1. Hologram (Take One)

2. Hologram (Take Two)

Label: Microlab
Catalogue number: MLEP004

Joey Lucas - Moving Hands EP

1. Moving Hands (Original Mix)

2. Fuel Pit (Original Mix)

3. Moving Hands (Mobhead Remix)

Label: Microlab
Catalogue number: MLEP003

Syntronik featuring Nieu - That's All

1. That's All (Syntronik Mix)
2. That's All (Instrumental)
3. That's All (Bonus Beats)


Label: Microlab
Catalogue number: MLEP002

Mobhead - Deeper (Where my sound lives)

1. Deeper (Original Mix)

2. Deeper (Crash Dance Remix)

3. Where My Sound Lives (Original Mix)

Label: Microlab
Catalogue number: MLEP001

Mobhead - Notredame

1. Notredame (Original Mix)
2. Notredame (Mobhead v2 Remix)
3. Notredame (Bill Ess Remix)


Label: NRG Dance Records
Catalogue number: NRGDNCREC001

Killa Dawgs - Randomly Yours

1. Party People (Original Mix)
2. Punked-Up Funk (Original Mix)
3. Comin' Back (Original Mix)


Label: Young NRG Productions
Catalogue number: NRG KLADWG

Hype Art - Venture

Remixes of the following tracks:

6. Blind Alley (Deformed Lobotomy)
11. Unrest (Mobhead 12 inch Totally Remade Mix)
12. Stranded (Hollow Mix)


Label: Cabin Fever


More official releases:

Cultivated Bimbo
Configuration 1 (12")
Configuration 2 (12")
Configuration 1 + 2 (CDM)
Tunes From A High Wire (LP)
Tunes From A High Wire (CD)
Blasting In Progress (CDM)
Your Useful Guide To Life (CD)
98.6 (CDM)
EP. 1995. (CDM)
Album. 1995. (CD)

Captivated Bimbo
Heate / Bonanza Rope / Sector 7 (12")

Systema The Affliction
Summoning for the Files (LP)

Mr Gee
Party Harty (CDM)
Loving You (CDM)
Angela (CDM)

Voices (12")
Voices (CDM)

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Official remixes:
Devoid - Emotional Greed
Cat Rapes Dog - Fuck Nature
Sonic Dream Collective - I Wonder Why
Sonic Dream Collective - Happy Tune
Sonic Dream - Heaven Knows
...and more...

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Unofficial remixes:
Eminem - Lose Yourself
Depeche Mode - Peace
Fedde Le Grand - Get This Feeling
Nine Inch Nails - Only
...and more...


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Microlab DJ Crew - Lab Report November 2011

DJ mix recorded live on November 20 using Native Instruments Traktor S4.

Microlab DJ Crew - Lab Report June 2011

DJ mix recorded live on June 27 using Native Instruments Traktor S4.


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